Fast, easy data entry

You can use your camera to grab information from patient stickers and take the manual labor out of logging your cases. Manage your favorite procedure codes or diagnoses for easy coding. Use voice dictation to jot down quick notes.


Made with data security in mind, the tool allows you to manage your data with the high standards for data security. Back up your data on a secure server and send cases for billing with high level encryption.


The product is tested thoroughly to ensure the protection of your data. With your subscription, safe, secure, and reliable backup of your data protects you from loss.

I got this

We have things to do

A busy doctor should spend their time with patients and not on data entry. Tribble, the best case log app for surgeons, helps you save time and keep organized.

My Commitment

I am committed to making an app to help the busy surgeon. Something useful and indispensable. Your feedback is important to me, and as I continue design, hone, and develop this tool I will strive to give you the tool you want and deserve.

Todd Wilson, MD - Surgeon, App developer, Dreamer